December 29, 2019 End Times News Alert

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Isaiah 32:2 “And a man shall be as an hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest; as rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land.”

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Good news for a Change

Mexican Police Chief arrested in Mormon massacre of 9 Americans

Miracle: Ohio Woman Wakes Up from 7-Month Coma After Family was Told to ‘Pull the Plug’

THOUSANDS of Christians Celebrate Christmas in Aleppo after Liberation from Muslim Terrorists

President Trump Declares “America Will Never Be A Socialist Country” At Turning Point USA Summit  BUT.. Turning Point is NOT what it appears to be!!

This weeks Ignorance Gone to Seed Awards:

Jill Biden serves the poor — in Mexico!!

Pete Buttplug Calls for Decriminalization of All Drugs

Lunatic Feminazi’s Warning: ‘Being Nice’ is a  ‘Tool Of White Supremacy,’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: U.S. Is ‘Not an Advanced Society’, ‘It is Fascism’

Pastor Makes Panties With A Print Of His Face For His Female Congregants

Suicide Bomber Instructor Accidentally Blows Up Entire Class of Islamic Terrorists in Iraq

Communist Traitor ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda Goes on Unhinged Rant About Imagined Climate Evils of Palm Oil-Based ‘Vaginal Lubrication’

Isaiah 5:20-21 News: Apostasy- Hypocrisy – Christian Persecution. The World has gone Totally NUTS and Topsy-Turvy!

The Left’s Anything But Christianity Syndrome

Students Forced to Remove “I Love Jesus” Photo From Newspaper

The World Needs Us in 2020 – Vigilant Citizen 2019 Holiday Message

Christmas Eve massacre: At least 16 die in Mexican cartel killing spree

Pakistan enraged over US keeping it on a list of violators of religious freedom

Church in Eastern India Burned After Christians Attacked by Ax-Wielding Extremists

Teacher Fired After He Told 1st-Graders That Santa and the Tooth Fairy Aren’t Real

Christian Post and Christianity Today: A Den of Ahab’s and Jezebel’s just like Fox News?

Trump administration names and shames the world’s 9 worst countries for religious persecution

Michigan County Threatens to Demolish Amish Family Homes Unless They Give Up Religious Beliefs

Democrat-Ruled Cleveland Tells Church It Will Lose Religious Designation Because It Shelters Homeless People

“As Prime Minister That Is Something I Want to Change” – In His Christmas Message Prime Minister Boris Johnson Defends Persecuted Christians

A STATE-RUN PLOT TO SEXUALIZE YOUR KIDS: LA High Schools Partner With Planned Parenthood To Open Sex Clinics For Tens Of Thousands Of Students

Signs of the Times  Mark 13:4-10 and Luke 21:25-28 – Prophecy – Climate Hoax

L.A. is pounded by rain, heavy snow and a tornado in wild winter storm

Current Biblical Locust Plague is Worst Invasion in 25 Years in Somalia

It’s So Hot in Australia Right Now That Animals Are Dropping Dead From Trees

DAYS OF NOAH: Scientists Create Monkey-Pig Hybrids For Human Organ Transplants

While Americans Are Celebrating Christmas, A Solar Eclipse Will Be Visible In Bethlehem

Sanhedrin Hosts Menorah Lighting on Mount Zion to Enact Ezekiel’s Prophecy of Judgement Against Edom

What Do They Know? The U.S. And Russia Have Both Been Developing Plans To Deal With Incoming Asteroids

China, Russia And Iran Will Hold Joint Naval Drills As Middle East Tensions Over Tehran Nuclear Capabilities Rising

Normally, Betelgeuse is Among the 10 Brightest Stars in the Sky – Now it’s the Dimmest it’s Been in Almost a Century – Will It Explode Soon?

Seismologists Say Vancouver Island Is Overdue For the Big One After Series of 5 Earthquakes Including Two M6.0 Hit Cascadia Upper End

What’s up with Alaska? Bone crushing cold Christmas: 2019 warm records broken in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter: Fires: Cod, Crab, Salmon gone: 5 year long seabird die-off

Plagues – Disease – Famine – Vaccine Hoax – 5G

CDC: Number of Deaths from Flu Virus Rises to 1,800

STD superbug running rampant after mutating into incurable form

Seattle Forces Public School Students To Get Vaccinated During Winter Break

Washington Post Assures Men Estrogen-Filled Impossible Whopper Probably Won’t Give Them Breasts

Product of Illegal Alien Invasion: At Least 5 US Airports Have Exposed Travelers to Measles, Health Officials Warn

Whooping cough outbreak sweeps through Texas school with 100% vaccination rate, PROVING that vaccines don’t work

Biblical sized plagues bringing Somalia to its knees: Record breaking drought: Cholera epidemic: The worst flooding in living memory: And the biggest locust invasion in 25 years:

Man Made False Religions = Atheism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Mormonism, Scientology etc.

Muslim Truck bomb kills at least 90 in Mogadishu

Finally! Some Good News out of the False Prophets Mouth!

Texas Mega-church Leaves UMC Over Looming LGBTQ Issue

Iran’s Khamenei: ‘Do Whatever It Takes to End’ Protests Against Regime

Islamic Republic of Iran: 9 Christians Sentenced to Prison for Leaving Islam

Because of the Tolerance towards Gay Christianity a BIG Church leaves the PCA Denomination

Pope Francis Criticizes Conservative Catholics for ‘Rigid’ Beliefs Preventing the ‘Common Good’

Catholic Church Complicit With Homosexuality as Vatican Reinstates an Openly Gay, Non-Celibate Priest

Cult Leader on the Run With Idaho Mom Whose Kids Have Been Missing Since September Declared Himself a ‘Prophet,’ was Thrown Out of the Mormon Church

Ignorant Catholics Spray ‘Holy Water’ out of Crop duster over Louisiana Town – A Pagan Ritual meant to Baptize the people into the Pagan Church and Curse the town!

Pedophilia – Sodom and Gomorrah – Sex Trafficking – Feminism –  More LGBTQPXYZ news here

Teen Vogue Magazine Promotes Anal Sex to Children on Christmas Day

Teen missing for over 2 years found by police in closet of child-porn suspect

Georgia: Child Support Services Assistant General Sentenced To Prison For Preying On Kids

Prominent Youth Minister Sentenced to More Than 1,000 Years in Prison for Sexually Abusing Teen Boys

Missouri: High School Students Pass Out Gay Pride Flags at Lunch, Objecting Students Respond by Displaying Rebel Flag

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Pete Buttplug’s ‘Husband’ Announces He’ll Call Himself ‘First Gentleman’ if Buttplug Becomes President

Witchcraft – Satanism – Demon Possession – Mark of the Beast  Be sure and bookmark the website

Michigan Capitol Rejected Menorah But Displays Satanic “Yule Goat”

Colorado Public School Forces Students to Recite Pornographic Poem Praising Pagan God Moloch

Members of Mormon Cult Still On Run – Body Count Includes Dead Wife – Dead Husband – Missing Kids

Transhumanism – Alien Agenda  Get up to Speed on the Watchers here.

Meet the creepy robots poised to take over the world

Snake-like UFOs seen across eight US states in 2019 amid claims of ‘more to come’

Illegal Aliens – DACA – MS-13 “Divine” ones – Muslim Refugee News

New York: 96 MS-13 Gang Members Arrested

Democrats Seeking to Rapidly Gain Political Power from Anchor Baby Population

Border Patrol Agents Find Over 70 Foreign Invaders Inside a Single Tractor-Trailer

Man Arrested In Deadly Hit-And-Run Accident Had Been Deported Six Different Times

Female Suspect Known as ‘Little Devil’ to be Tried as an Adult in Grisly MS-13 Gang Murders

Six-Time Previously Deported Illegal Alien Kills Mother of Six in Denver – Then Flees the Scene

Congolese Woman Crosses the US Border Suffering from Abdominal Pain and Vomiting – Dies at Texas Hospital

False Flags – Big Brother – Police State – Gun Confiscation – Crooked Cops – Terrorists

Sheriffs Protecting the Second Amendment

Galveston County probation officer arrested on sex assault charges

Invisible Ink Tattoos Could Be Used By Elites To Identify Unvaccinated Kids

California Has Most ‘Mass Slayings’ in 2019 Despite Stringent Gun Control

Ralph Blackface Northam Cranks up Prison Budget to Prepare to Jail Gun Owners

Virginia Democrats Warn Second Amendment Sanctuaries: Gun Control ‘WILL Be Enforced’

Battle is brewing in Virginia: Virginia AG Declares Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities Have “No Force of Law”

College students now tracked like cattle, using new technology that monitors their every move across campus, 24 hours a day

Independent media journalists to be charged as FELONS for reporting on the growing Second Amendment sanctuary movement in Virginia? Nullification of laws is getting more profound 

Racism, Eugenics and Genocide – Euthanasia  – Be sure and read Racism needs a willing Vessel

Muslim Rashida Tlaib Sends Hanukkah Greetings–With Anti-Israel Message

Black Lives Matter protests Christmas shopping in attempt to ‘disrupt white capitalism’

Five Orthodox Jews wounded in Hanukkah machete attack by ‘black male’ in New York

USA Today Falsely Claims the Obama Years Represented Progress for Race Relations

The Kwanzaa Hoax: A Fake Holiday With A Racist Goal, Created By A Criminal Madman

Communist Democrat Trash – RINO Republican Scum – Vote Fraud – Fake News

Bloomberg Used Prisoners To Make Campaign Calls

Time to Investigate Real Russian Colluder, Nasty Nancy Pelosi

CNN Pays Airports $100,000 Each to Play Fake News At Gates

“Journalism is dying” in the U.S.: It’s now government-controlled propaganda

Iran Quietly Infiltrating Congress Through Democrats Like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

Horowitz Reveals Steele Funneled Through Traitor John McCain After FBI Dropped Him

Judge Rules Against Racist Stacey Abrams’ Group and Allows Georgia to Purge Voter Rolls

First Muslim Elected To Pennsylvania House Pleads GUILTY To Stealing $500K From CHARITY

Lesbian Rachel Maddow Called Out By WaPo Columnist For Shamelessly Peddling Fake News

Lesbian Rachel Maddow Meltdown: In Defense To OAN Lawsuit, Host Argues Her Words Are Not Facts

America now has proof: Democrats have become the tyrants America’s founding fathers warned us about

Baltimore: Another Democrat Rat Caught – Former State Delegate Facing Wire Fraud & Bribery Charges

Obama FBI Corruption: FISA Orders Review of All Warrant Applications by Ex-FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith

PELOSI CRIME FAMILY EXPOSED: Paul Pelosi Jr. Worked In Ukraine With Accused Fraudster Facing Prison

100 Years Ago This Week: US Packs 249 Commie Bastards on the ‘Red Ark’ (USAT Buford) and Ships Them Off to Mother Russia

Nancy Pelosi’s Son Now Implicated in Biden Ukraine Pay for Play Corruption  What will mommy do now? Will she make a deal to keep her corrupt baby boy out of prison, or will she help institute a FALSE FLAG EVENT to blame Trump?? 

Trump Derangement Disease – Formerly a Syndrome but now has evolved, and is getting worse!

Donald Trump Jr. Calls CBC ‘Pathetic’ for Cutting His Father out of Home Alone 2

BuzzFeed Calls for People to Fight With Their Relatives Over Trump on Christmas Eve

Nancy Pelosi,  Not Just Leader of the Impeach Vote, But Leader of the Entire 2016 Coup

CNN’s Cuomo whines that Trump ‘makes a mockery’ of Christianity: ‘Doesn’t practice decency’

Trump Derangement Syndrome Turns Deadly: Trump-Hating Democrat Admits to Murdering His Wife, Dog and Cat in Chilling Tweets, Blames NRA

Other News of Interest

Why do Kevin Spacey’s accusers keep dying?

DOJ Indicts 8 For Funneling Millions In Foreign Donations To Schiff, Clinton & Other Democrats

Arkancide? As Another Kevin Spacey Accuser Mysteriously Dies, Let’s Not Forget the Perverted Spacey/Clinton Connection

The LGBT Mafia & Their Satanic Agenda Lead To More Global Corporations Tanking: The Top Five ‘Woke-Vertising’ Fails For 2019

Most Humiliating Examples Of MSM Fake News, Pushing Hoaxes And Trump Derangement Syndrome From Establishment Media In 2019

DOCTOR: Burger King’s ‘Impossible Burger’ Has 18 Million Times More Estrogen Than Regular Whopper So now we know why Vegan Men are sissy’s, Homosexuals and Tranny’s. Not enough Manly Meat!!

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