The ISIS Plot in Kansas City You Heard Nothing About

Biden Says Founders Didn’t Want ‘Everyone’ to Own a Gun

Man Arrested for Attempting to Blow Up Vehicle at the Pentagon

69 convicted solely on ‘evidence’ from Goines could see new trial

Homosexual Hollywood Hate Hoaxer Jussie Smollett Released on Bond After Pleading ‘Not Guilty’ to Racist Hate Hoax

Infowars Crew Member Attacked and Left Bloodied By Crazed Leftists at Bernie Sanders Rally, Sent to Hospital for Stitches

Donald Trump Jr.: Hold to Your Second Amendment Rights ‘At All Costs-’They will do whatever it takes to try to take away your rights, your ability to protect yourself. We must preserve our 2nd Amendment rights at all costs

Racism, Eugenics and Genocide – Euthanasia  – Be sure and read Racism needs a willing Vessel

History Shows the Democratic Party was Built on Racism

White choir sings black spirituals, and all hell breaks loose

Inflammatory ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’ Posters Appear in Canadian City

Respondents to CNN Article About ‘Africanized Bee Attack’ Complain of Racism

‘I Hate White People’: Black Woman Tells Portland Mom She Attacked Her Because She’s White

Black Man Busted in Philly for Pulling a Jussie Smollett Hoax, Caught Spraypainting Racial Slurs on Cecil B. Moore Mural

Communist Democrat Trash – RINO Republican Scum – Vote Fraud – Fake News

Venezuela Socialism Victims Sound the Alarm: ‘Bernie Sanders is Your Enemy’

Former Baltimore DEMOCRAT Mayor Catherine Pugh Sentenced to 3 Years In Federal Prison

The Old Democrat Party is Dead: Resurrected into the Communist/Socialist Walking Dead Party!

Muslim Democrat Ilhan Omar May Have Committed the ‘Worst Crime Spree in Congressional History

California Man Gets Year in Jail for Bribing the Homeless in Illicit Vote Harvesting Scheme – Eight other people have been charged with this crime

Anti-Christ Marxist Democrat Alexandria Ocrazio-Cortex Attacks Christians, Smears Them for ‘Weaponizing and Abusing Scripture to Justify Bigotry’

Ex-FBI Unit Chief Blows Whistle on James Comey, Andrew McCabe Over Warrantless Spying, Says Obama Regime Trafficked in ‘Political Espionage’

Bolshevik Bernie Sanders defends Fidel Castro’s socialist Cuba: ‘Unfair to simply say everything is bad’ —  Doubles Down On His Fidel Castro Support In 60 Minutes Interview

Cuba’s Official Communist Propaganda Paper Praises Democrat Frontrunner Bernie Sanders for Recognizing Castro Regime’s Contributions in Education and Health

Trump Derangement Disease – Formerly a Syndrome but now has evolved, and is getting worse!

Media Falsely Accuses Trump of Saying Coronavirus is a Hoax

Hollywood Celebrities Announce Plan to Damage US Economy To Defeat Trump

CNN Fake News: Trump Shows ‘Profoundly Racist’ Nostalgia by Touting ‘Gone with the Wind’

Iranian Cleric Blames Donald Trump for Coronavirus Outbreak in Iran – 50 Deaths Reported – Just wait for the Communist Democrats to start blaming him when more people die here in America! They will blame him for China too!

Other News of Interest

NYC: Burqa-wearing man steals nearly $1 million in jewelry

New Jersey Officials Say White Supremacists Are Greater Threat Than ISIS

Meryl Streep Called Him ‘God’, Liberal Hollywood Knew And Protected Him, But Harvey Weinstein As A Convicted Rapist Headed For Prison Is No Victory

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