End Times News Alert November 2nd 2023

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2nd Timothy 3:13 “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.”

All out WAR?

THE WAR CHRONICLES: ISRAEL UNDER ATTACK Ongoing digest of the 2023 conflict

Iran-Backed Houthis Declare War on Israel

Turkey’s Erdogan Threatens to Declare War on Israel, Send Military to Gaza

German Defense Chief Says Public Must Get Used To Possibility Of ‘War In Europe’

Netanyahu Declaring Invasion: ‘You Must Remember What Amalek Has Done to You, Says Our Holy Bible’ 

You can see by the headlines below... It’s Going by the Book People…. Are YOU Born Again? – WAKE UP! 

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” – Arthur Conan Doyle

Only people with Eyes to SEE and Ears to HEAR Understand!  Matthew 13:161st Corinthians 2:14-16  

“A time will come when instead of shepherds feeding the sheep, the church will have clowns entertaining the goats.” – C.H. Spurgeon – We are now in that time!!  Are you a Sheep or a Goat

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Bad News!

FBI Director Wray Grilled By Congress, Reveals Iranian Sleeper Cell Assassins In US ‘Have Made Attempts’ To Kill Americans & Could Attack

Signs of the Times –  Christian Persecution – Weather – Famine – Wars – Climate Hoax – Earthquakes – Volcanoes

Hand of God in the Cosmos

** Deceived and Being Deceived **

Courting Armageddon vs. cultivating peace

Volcanic ‘Devil Comet’ Heading Towards Earth

They Really Do Want to Control the Food Supply

‘You Will Eat Zhe Bugs’: Tyson Foods Gets Into the Insect Factory Farming Game

Epicenter of latest California earthquake traced to ground under San Francisco International Airport

Middle East Prophecies From Henry Gruver And John Paul Jackson Are Coming To Pass Right In Front Of Our Eyes

False Religions – False Preachers – C.I.N.O’s – Islam – Catholicism – Apostasy – Hypocrisy

16-Year-Old Girl Dies After Beating by Moral Cops over Hijab

Mormon mom believes her son is the second coming of Christ

Hindu festival of Durga Puja in Bangladesh: Broken idols and vandalized temples

International House of Prayer founder Mike Bickle accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women

LONDON: Massive Genocidal Death March Against the Jews: Chanting “O Jews, The Armies of Muhammad are Coming!

Pestilence – Plagues – Disease – Vaccines – 5G –  Eugenics and Genocide – Revelation 16:9 – 18:4 

Fungal Infection In The Brain Produces Effects Similar To Alzheimer’s

Boris Johnson Claimed Covid Was ‘Nature’s Way Of Dealing With Old People’

CDC Data confirms COVID Vaccine can reduce your Lifespan by at least 24 years

Scientists Declare That Ivermectin Cures Cancer – Of course the Media or doctors will not tell you!!

Projection – Fake News – Propaganda – Hellywood – Social Media  – Isaiah 5:20-24 See Enemy of the People

Hamas Did Not ‘Bake a Baby in an Oven,’ Israeli Journalists Report – Just like Iraqi babies thrown out of incubators! Never happened!

Abortion – Pedophilia – Sodom/Gomorrah – Sex Trafficking – Trannys – LGBTQPXYZ – P.I.L.L’s = Perverts In Lunatic Land – Reprobates

British Government Legally Change Definition of ‘Women’ To Include Men

Apostate Florida METHODIST Church Hosts ‘Drag Gospel Worship’ Service Amid DeSantis’ Ongoing Battle Against Drag For Kids

Satanism – Witchcraft – New Age – Demon Possession – Mark of the Beast – Transhumanism – AI – Alien UFO Agenda

Huge UFO Mothership Has Entered Our Solar System, Say AstronomersCatholic Priest Issues Dire Warning About Ouija Board, Attempts to Talk to Dead: ‘Inviting a Demon Into Your Life’ – At least the Catholic is right about that!

False Flags – Big Brother – Police State – N.W.O – W.E.F – Great Reset – Gun Confiscation – Crooked Cops – Vote Fraud

New Police Report Reveals What the “Voices” Were Telling the Lewiston Mass Shooter

WHO-Funded Scientists Call on WHO to Declare ‘Global Health Emergency’ Over ‘Climate Crisis’

WEF Founder’s Son ‘Singing Like a Bird’ To Prosecutors in Global Elite Crimes Against Humanity Case

Maine Shooter Committed Suicide by Shooting Himself in the Head Twice According to Daily Mail US – The Article Is Now Removed

Corrupt FBI Received ‘Criminal Information’ From over 40 Confidential Sources on Joe Biden, Hunter, James – The FBI is an extension of the Communist Democrats, the Swamp, and Globalists!

Domestic Terrorists – Hate Hoaxes – Racism – Antifa – BLM – CRT – Illegal Aliens – MS-13 – Racism needs a willing Vessel

Democrats attack black Hebrews in Chicago

Chicago: Fewer Parking Tickets for Black Residents for ‘Racial Equity’?

Terrorist Protesters take over Brooklyn Bridge! Call for ‘elimination of Israel’

Berkeley Professor: Hamas and Hezbollah Are ‘Progressive’ and Part of ‘Global Left’

Indians Are Entering the U.S. Illegally in Record Numbers – We do not border India so how are they getting to Mexico or Canada???

I.G.T.S = Ignorance Gone To Seed – See what it means here

To Be Anti-Racist is to be Pro-Hamas

Biden is Sanctioning Hamas While Funding Hamas

David Hogg Now Blames “White Woman In Suburbs” For Gun Violence

Green district in green city in green state is buying … DIESEL school buses!

Nazi Loving Arnold Schwarznegger Says US Must Change Constitution So He Can Be ‘Great’ President

Joe Biden – Willie Brown’s Hoe Kamala Harris – R.I.N.O’s and other Communist Traitor NewsPsalms 109:8

R.I.N.O Mitch McConnell — ‘I see eye to eye with Chuck Schumer.’

Audience Member Dragged Out After Asking Hillary Clinton Why Bill Flew To Epstein’s Island 26 Times

Joe Biden Heads to Delaware For Another Vacation as US Forces Are Under Attack by Iran-Backed Terrorists

Kamala Harris goes into gun CONFISCATION mode – Praises Australia’s decision to take legal weapons from law-abiding citizens

National Archives Discovers 82K Pages of ‘Shady’ Joe Biden Alias Emails – This makes Crooked Jezebel Hillary Clinton look like a choir girl!

Until Next time, K.L.T.J –  Keep Looking To Jesus!

Jon and Josie

Galatians 4:16 “Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?”

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