End Times News Update February 27-March 1, 2021

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Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

The Communist Take Over of the World is Full Throttle – The Anti-Christ will emerge SOON

Ahab and Jezebel Are Now in Charge of America

Imprecatory Prayer: You MUST Engage The Enemy!

There is NO Separation of Church and State in the Bible. If you believe that, you are Biblically Ignorant!

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Good news for a Change

Baby Boy Comes Back to Life After Doctors Pronounce Him Dead: ‘It Was a Miracle’

Texas Gov. Says State May Lift Statewide Mask Order “Pretty Soon”  I don’t wear one now!!!

Finally Identified – Police Lieutenant Who Shot and Killed Ashli Babbitt – Lead Murder Suspect

Ignorance Gone to Seed – Projection – Fake News – Social Media – Communist LUNATICS:  See Enemy of the People here

California School Board VP Says Reopening Schools Is ‘Very White Supremacist,’ ‘That’s What Slavery Is’

Fake News: ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN Ignore Former Cuomo’s Aide’s Explosive Sexual Harassment Allegations

‘Stunning and brave?’ Oreo Cookie called out for marketing ploy after tweeting ‘Trans people EXIST’  I think Oreo cookies are Racist! It’s like 2 black people suppressing a white person in the middle of them!  I am of course being sarcastic folks!!

Signs of the Times – False Religions – Apostasy – Hypocrisy – Christian Persecution  Mark 13:4-10Luke 21:25-28Isaiah 5:20-21

Islamist Terrorists in Nigeria Threaten to Execute Pastor

More than 7,700 households without water supply as record snow hits Hokkaido, Japan

800-year-old prophecy ‘predicts US war with Iran before Covid pandemic ends’?? – Take that with a Grain of Salt

All Of A Sudden, There Is A Tremendous Amount Of Political Chatter About Creating A Palestinian State In The Middle East

Palestinian ‘Israel Expert’ Claims That Israel Plans to ’Empty Jerusalem of Christian and Muslim Holy Sites’  Again, Take that with a Grain of Salt

Burgess Owens at CPAC: ‘When You Take God out of the Equation, Destruction Is What’s Left’  John 10:10 “The thief (Satan and Democrats) cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” 

Plagues – Disease – Famine – Eugenics and Genocide – Climate Hoax – Georgia Guide Stones – Revelation 16:9  18:4 


One World – One Language

Did Hand-Washing Kill The Flu?

Polar Bears ‘fat & healthy’: It’s not a myth: 2020 was another good year for polar bears – ‘Global population size is now almost 30,000 – up from about 26,000 in 2015’

Why Is Humanity Marching Straight Into the Gates of Hell? Meatless America Equals Soy Boys Domination: The Latest Assault Upon Humanity’s Food Supply and Diet

Pedophilia – Sodom and Gomorrah – GAYSTAPO – Sex Trafficking – Feminism –  More LGBTQPXYZ news here

Marjorie Taylor Greene Hangs Sign Outside Her Capitol Office ‘There Are Two Genders’

Public university tells education student he can’t say ‘a woman is a woman’ under state law

Agnostics, Orthodox Jews, Catholics and Evangelicals Agree: ‘Equality Act’ is Dangerous to Human Rights

New Democrat Law Will Fine Mom-and-Pop Shops Who Keep Boys and Girls Clothing in Separate Sections

War on God’s Truth: Student Suspended From Education Program for Saying, ‘a Man Is a Man, a Woman Is a Woman’

Maryland Teacher Seen Masturbating During Zoom Lesson with 8th Graders – Says It Was “Dumb Luck” After He Is Caught

Nickelodeon Kid’s Program ‘Blues Clues & You!’ Releases New Alphabet Learning Video ‘P Is For Pride’ Indoctrinating Children With LGBTQ+ Agenda

Hasbro Keeps ‘Mr.’ Potato Head, The ‘Modern Makeover’ Of ‘Gender-Neutral’ Name Will Not Happen – Want to bet how long it will be until Hasbro caves to the GAYSTAPO

Satanism – Witchcraft – New Age – Demon Possession – Mark of the Beast – Transhumanism – Nephilim – Alien Agenda

Klaus Schwab Caught In Secret Sith Lord Initiation Ceremony

FBI “Aware Of” Possible UFO Spotting, Won’t Confirm Investigation

AMERICAN AIRLINES UFO close encounter ‘has happened before’

Leaders From The European Union Have Decided This Week That A Digital Vaccination Certificate Must Be Ready For Roll-Out By This Summer

False Flags – Big Brother – Police State – Gun Confiscation – Crooked Cops – Vote Fraud

How Conspiracy Theorizing May Soon Get You Labelled A “Domestic Terrorist”

Overwhelming Evidence of FBI Corruption – They Have Betrayed the Constitution

Multiple CPAC Attendees Ejected, Threatened With Arrest For Not Wearing Masks

DC Elitists Call Cops On Truck With ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Plates, Fearing It May Be An ‘Insurrection Vehicle’

Domestic Terrorists – Racism – Antifa – Black Lives Matter Racists – Illegal Aliens – DACA – Racism needs a willing Vessel

Did Pelosi Plot the Capitol Riot?

Portland Antifa and Black Lives Matter Vandalize USCIS Federal Building

RACIST! Fascist Amazon Prime Yanks Clarence Thomas Documentary During Black History Month

Your Kids Would Be Better Off Feral Than Going To Schools That Make Them Anti-American Racists

Ted Cruz: ‘Criminals, Murderers, Rapists’ Entering on Biden’s ‘Most Radical Immigration Plan Proposed in History’

Trump Derangement Disease – This is the Real Plague. The Cure is to get Saved and become a True Patriot!

Republican Arkansas Senator Blames Trump For ‘One Of The Darkest Days In Our Nation’s History’

Trump will spend ‘rest of his years in civil and criminal courts,’ Swalwell (the Communist Chinese Agent) says

President Trump Triggers Fake News Media/Democrats in CPAC Speech: ‘I May Just Decide to Beat Them for a Third Time!’

Biden Regime Propagandist Jen Psaki AGAIN Refuses to Answer if Biden Still Considers Killer Cuomo the ‘Gold Standard’ — She Smears President Trump Instead

Other News of Interest  –  Biden’s Mental Decline and Bumbling Gaffes  Matthew 15:14

Biden Bumbles in Texas

Democrats Accelerate Plans to Install “President” Harris

Sen. Tim Scott on the Democrat Party: ‘It’s a Socialist Party Now’

Secret Service Members Confirm That Joe Biden’s Mental Faculties are Indeed in “Bad Shape”

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