January 13, 2019 End Times News Alert

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Romans 6:4 ” Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.”

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Good News for a change!

Female UFC fighter leaves robber bruised, bloodied

Child Sex Slave Convicted for Killing Her Abuser Just Granted Clemency

North Dakota Lawmaker Proposes Bill That Would Authorize Elective Bible Course in Schools

This weeks Ignorance Gone to Seed Awards:

Feds Find 23 Guns In Office Of Indicted Chicago Democrat

Ravens Fans Brawl After Eliminated from the Playoffs  Must be Democrat Antifa members!

US Grants Over 5,000 Requests To Bring In Child Brides From Foreign NationalsThey just can’t say Muslims can they?

Pastor Who Said He Hoped God Would ‘Finish the Job’ of Orlando Shooter Steps Down Over Prostitutes, Gambling, Drugs

American Psychological Association Warns Traditional Masculinity Is “Harmful” and “Oppressive” This is why you NEVER go to one of these Devils. They will enforce the Demonic thinking and agenda of Lucifer!

Isaiah 5:20-21 News & Christian Persecution: The World has gone NUTS and Topsy-Turvy!

Faith Costs Christian in Algeria His Family, Livelihood

Somali Christians Continue to Survive by Worshiping in Secret

Christian Mother, Pastor Fear for their Lives after Attacks in Eastern Uganda

Vietnamese Christians beaten, arrested for refusing to worship Buddha and renounce faith in Jesus

DC COMICS will Blaspheme Jesus by Depicting “The Second Coming Of Jesus” as The Return of an Idiot

Signs of the Times  Mark 13:4-10 and Luke 21:25-28


North Magnetic Pole rapidly migrating toward Siberia

SPECULATING The End Days in Light of a Biblical Generation

Earth’s magnetic pole is on the move, fast. And we don’t know why

Record rainfall, widespread flooding hits Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Bolivia

Does Joel 3:4 End of Days Prophecy Refer to Deadly Electromagnetic Pulse Attack?

Signs in the sky: Illuminati All Seeing Eye symbol appears in the sky in large chem-trail triangle

A ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ Will Cross Over America On The 2nd Anniversary Of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Dramatic increase in seismic activity in Canary Islands, Spain – From 330 in 2016 to 1100 in 2017 and more than 1500 in 2018… Something is going on over there!

Plagues – Disease – Vaccine Hoax – Climate Hoax

Physicians See Spike In Mystery Virus

Hospitals Ban Visitors as Deadly Flu Spreads

Worst measles outbreak in decades sweeps nation

CDC says it’s another severe flu season with 7 million sick so far

Government Official Confirms Link Between Vaccines and Autism

Investigative Journalist Sharyl Attkisson Exposes Vaccination Coverup

Cancer doctor DIES from vaccine shot… “Total organ failure” within minutes

Tuberculosis, flu, infections rampant as the number of sick migrants surge at border

Same excitotoxin that damages brain cells is also being deliberately added to vaccines, reveals CDC document

$3.5 Trillion A Year: America’s Health Care System Has Become One Of The World’s Largest Money Making Scams

Huge swarm of locusts descends on Mecca leaving worshippers covered in insects as cleaners battle to control the bugs at Islam’s holiest site; No sooner had they ERECTED their IDOL

False Religions: Atheism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Mormonism etc.

Islamic cleric in Nigeria caught Raping 5-year-old girl

American Muslims captured fighting for the Islamic State in Syria

Lord, Execute Judgment Against the New Pharaohs and Their New Pagan Gods

Filipino President to Vatican: Let ‘useless’ priests have boyfriends – ‘Most of them are gay’

Texas pastor disowned by Iranian father for leaving Islam says great cost for Jesus is worth it

Linda Sarsour: “My beloved Prophet Muhammad was an activist. He was a human rights activist.”

Child bride marriage caught on film; US Immigration issued visas to thousands of child brides, spouses under Obama

Turkish ambassador to European security organization OSCE says “public should be told that Islamophobia is a crime”

Pedophile – Sodom and Gomorrah – Sex Trafficking – More LGBTQPXYZ news here

Will No One Stand to Save the Children?

Dozens of trans-regretters now ‘out of the closet’

8 Pedophiles Found Dead After Being Exposed by Vigilantes Online

10-Year-Old Boy ‘Drag Kid’ Photographed With Naked Adult Drag Queen

DOJ: 5 Mexican Nationals Sentenced In International Sex Trafficking Ring

Muslim Sex Grooming Gang & Texas Teacher Plotted To Sell Girl To Morocco

‘Pedophile’ Breaks Spine Jumping From Third-floor Apartment To Escape Police

‘Bruce Jenner is still a man. Homosexuality still sin’ Church stands by Bible truth, enrages the Reprobate LGBTQPXYZ community 

Feminist barred from pub for wearing t-shirt that says, “Woman: human female” after complaint it discriminates against transgender people

Witchcraft – Satanism – Demon Possession – Mark of the Beast  Be sure and bookmark the website

Church Of Satan Endorses Christian Bale’s Thanks To The Evil One

Russian Patriarch Warns ‘Antichrist’ Will Control Humans Through Gadgets

Christian Bale Thanks ‘Satan’ for Giving Him Inspiration to Play Dick Cheney

Gruesome Sacrificial Temple Of The Macabre Fertility God Xipe Totec Discovered In Mexico

Uber Driver Pleades Guilty to Muder: Claims that a “devil figure” on the Uber app was controlling him and driving him to kill

Transhumanism: Get up to Speed on the Watchers here.

CRISPR and the eternal sunshine debate

Drug to clear ‘zombie cells’ from body in first anti-aging treatment

How Scary Is ‘Replicas?’ The New Keanu Reeves Sci-Fi Movie Is An Emotional AI Nightmare

Illegal Aliens – DACA – MS-13 “Divine” ones – Muslim Refugee News

California Governor Newsom Vows ‘Sanctuary To All Who Seek It’

Feds: Illegal Alien Family Tried to Smuggle Alleged Cop Killer Across Border

Another Caravan Forming in Honduras – Headed Northbound to US ‘Next Week’

Border Angel Wife Goes Off  – “I’m Disgusted by Nancy Pelosi” – She Does Not Care About Our People!

Three Suspected MS-13 Gang Members Charged in Stabbing of NY High School Student Are All Illegal Aliens Freed By Federal Judges

False Flags – Big Brother – Police State – Gun Confiscation – Crooked Cops

Dianne Feinstein Promises Nationwide ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

4 cops in ‘love rectangle’ stripped of guns so they wouldn’t kill each other

Cop Arrested After Kicking Handcuff Kid FaceDidn’t Know He Was Being Videoed

More 9/11 Documents Released: Attorneys Asked If Bush Knew Of Attacks – Media Silent

Boston Mayor’s Office to Force Doctors to Identify and Document Patients Who Own Guns—-They say it is so they can help the people

Racism, Eugenics and Genocide – Be sure and read Racism needs a willing Vessel

White doctors in South Africa told not to apply for open positions

Fertility rate for white women plummets BELOW the limit needed to maintain the population in every single US state

Republican Congressman Demands DOJ “Immediately Cease” Federal Funding For Nation of Islam They teach Islam to prison inmates which is Recruitment into Islam!

‘White Supremacist’ Shooting of 7-Year-Old Black Girl; Gunman Turns Out to be Black  Update: Mother of Jazmine Barnes Lied to Police – Knew the Killers were Black Men, Killer Was Online Friend 

Trump Derangement Disease – Formerly a Syndrome but now has evolved! 

NYT writer: Only honest way to cover Trump is be negative

Barbra Streisand: Trump Border Wall an Immoral ‘Monument to Himself’

Samuel L. Jackson Backs Tlaib: Motherf**ker ‘Too Good’ to Waste on Trump

Trump Slams Media As “Crazed Lunatics Who Have Given Up On The TRUTH!”

Demon Possessed Mormons Stick Together: Harry Reid Endorses Mitt Romney for 2020 Republican Nominee for President

White House Correspondent Warns Of Chaos In 2019: Claims We’re Witnessing ‘Demonic Disruption’ And Warns The Attacks Upon President Trump Will Skyrocket

Communist Democrat Trash – RINO Republican Scum – Vote Fraud

The Democrat Freak Show has Begun

When Activists Become Power-Drunk Politicians

The Most Successful Democrat Cover-up In History

R.I.N.O Geraldo Rivera Defends Violent Illegals on Hannity’s Show

Face book investigating another Communist Democrat group backed by billionaire

Another Black Man Has Died in the Home of Homosexual Democratic Donor Ed Buck

CBS News Deletes Viral Fact Check On Migrant Women Raped Crossing Southern Border

Democrats Go Full Commie: NYC Mayor Says Wealth Is “In the Wrong Hands” — Must Redistribute It

Snopes Declared Website ‘Fake News’ In November Over Early Report Of Ruth Ginsburg Cancer, Yet The Obscure Paper Ended Up Being Correct

Michigan: Democrat Representative Bettie Scott Cook Skipped All 488 Votes In Her Last 6 Months – Received $2,629 In Mileage Reimbursements

Other News of Interest

Trump drinks at the wrong Barr!

House Republicans Submit Bills To Audit The Fed & Abolish IRS

Virginia woman dies from rabies after being bitten by a dog on a yoga retreat in India

Amazon Alexa a “DEMON device” that gathers information that can be used to blackmail you for life

FAKE NEWS: CNN Invites on Federal Worker “Angry at Trump over Shutdown” — Forgets to Mention He’s a Public Union Boss

Hillary Clinton ran weapons into Libya for the Obama administration, while Michael Flynn was targeted because he knew the details

It’s time: Trump should declare a national emergency, build the border wall, activate the military police and arrest the deep state traitors 

Tech Giants Paid Off ‘Trusted” Conservative Groups for Their Silence as Social Media Giants Eliminated Conservative Content and Publishers from Platform

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