January 27, 2109 End Times News Alert

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Good News for a change!

US to Begin Returning Asylum Seekers to Mexico on Friday

Senator Lindsey Graham to Investigate Obama and Hillary Scandals

150 Ohio Pastors Sign Year of the Bible Proclamation: ‘Bible Illiteracy Is Plaguing Our Politically-Correct Society’

Lunatic left-wing twitter users are about to go to JAIL over making “terroristic threats” against Catholic school students

This weeks Ignorance Gone to Seed Awards:

Native American Drummer Told Almost Identical Story 4 Years Ago

Native American Activist Who Claimed ‘Harassment’ Actually Leftist Operative

Liberal White Couple Who ‘Identify as Black’ Say Their Kids Will Be Born ‘African’

Ocasio-Cortez on Millennials: ‘We’re Like the World Is Going to End in 12 Years if We Don’t Address Climate Change’ – Al Gore Clone?  Bimbo also says ‘Immoral’ Our System ‘Allows Billionaires to Exist’  

Isaiah 5:20-21 News & Christian Persecution: The World has gone NUTS and Topsy-Turvy!

Definitive Proof there Really is a War Against Christianity

Kamala Harris reveals herself as an anti-Christian BIGOT

India Ranked Among Top Ten Worst Persecutors in the World

Chinese Christian details indoctrination camps, being forced to blaspheme Christ

Christians from India, Nigeria and Iraq detail the persecution their communities face

Bible site claimed to be in SAUDI ARABIA where ‘God met Moses’ to be bulldozed for ‘super city’

China forcing Christians to replace Jesus with Communist posters; turning pulpits into game rooms

“Killing of two million Christians was effected through the exhortation of the Turks to create a pure Muslim nation”

‘The Left Tries to Ban Christianity in Texas’: Sudden Spate of Bills Exalts LGBTQ Ideology Over Rights of Christians

Pay Attention To Fear, Not logic’: Feminist Social Justice Warrior Admits They Don’t Think, They Only Feel, Saying ‘Emotions Are The Only Thing That Are Real:’This is what happens when people let the media manipulate them’

Signs of the Times  Mark 13:4-10 and Luke 21:25-28

Iron dome intercepts Syrian missiles following attack on Damascus

Iran ready to ‘eliminate Israel from Earth,’ air force commander warns

Blood Moon Update: Meteor Hits Moon During Eclipse; Iran, Israel Come to Blows

Israel Unleashes An ‘Armageddon-Like’ Assault On Iranian And Hezbollah Targets In Damascus With Largest Air Strike In Recent Memory

WORLD WAR 3: As Israel Continues To Take Out Military Targets In Damascus, Both Syria And Iran Say They Are Ready To Go To War With The Jews

EF2 tornado causes extensive damage in Wetumpka, Alabama on the wet side of Winter Storm Harper – Other twisters also reported in Mississippi and Florida

It’s BIBLICAL in Australia right now! MILLIONS OF ANIMALS DIE due to ongoing extreme temperatures and dry weather as a new wave of very hot temperature will hit Australia this week and dry weather is predicted to continue. Weather war is raging out there! 

Plagues – Disease – Vaccine Hoax – Climate Hoax

The Truth About Vaccines, Part 1

Ebola death toll surges in DR Congo

Why You Can’t Trust CDC on Vaccines

Legionnaires outbreak at Border Patrol facility

Worst year on record for polio-like mystery illness

UN and N.Y. Times Target Anti-Vaxxers, Push to End Exemptions

Top DOJ Official Shielded Big Pharma Opioid Executives from Prison

Costco is pulling Roundup from the shelves and will no longer sell the carcinogen

NASA satellite images reveal shocking proof of climate engineering around the world

Johns Hopkins, Bristol-Myers Face $1 Billion Suit For Infecting Guatemalan Hookers With Syphilis

The Measles Vaccine Has Killed 63 Times as Many People as the Measles Disease in the Last 15 Years

5G apocalypse: Scientists, environmental groups, doctors and citizens around the world say STOP THIS EXPERIMENT ON SOCIETY!

False Religions = Atheism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Mormonism etc.

Boko Haram Razed at Least 1,125 Churches Since 2009

Philippine Vote on Muslim Self-Rule Puts Christians on Edge

Ex-Atheist Dr. Sarah Salviander Destroys Atheism with One Tweet

WARNING: Canada Is Breeding Islamic Terrorists to Invade America

Bangladesh: Muslims murder Hindu man for having a love affair with a Muslim girl

Chechen authorities accused of ordering families to kill their LGBT family members

Covington Catholic Diocese wants to Stop Kids from Defending Themselves in the Media

Linda Sarsour promotes antisemitism and Nazi tactics used against Jews at Women’s March

Washington DC: Muslim teacher charged with sexual coercion of young girls and jihad recruitment

India: Muslim throws Hindu statue out of temple, starts praying Islamic prayers, says Allah told him to do it

India Hindus Rush To Worship Transgender Religious Leader Laxmi Narayan Tripathi Who Kneel At His Feet And Beg For Blessing

“Scholar of religions” Jack Miles says Allah is “more merciful” and “more moral” than God of the Bible! Wait, according to the “Scholars” I thought they are the same God? 

Pedophile – Sodom and Gomorrah – Sex Trafficking – More LGBTQPXYZ news here

Mormon Conversion Therapist David Matheson got Converted and is now a Homosexual!

No Dress for Timmy Back on Amazon After Being Censored at the Behest of LGBT “Activists”

Investigator Uncovers International Pedophile Ring, Protected by Police and Intelligence Agencies

Hypocrite Televangelist Ernest Angley of Grace Cathedral who preaches against homosexuality admits relations with another man!

Witchcraft – Satanism – Demon Possession – Mark of the Beast  Be sure and bookmark the website

Witchcraft Takes Center Stage

Prominent Democrats dress up as the Devil

Are You Having A Mari-time? Part 1 – The Ritual   6 part Series

The Satanic Temple is Experiencing Explosive Growth and Popularity

Left-wing media run by actual demon-possessed anti-human EVIL entities

The rise of Satanism in America: How members of The Satanic Temple focus on activism


Are women turning to witchcraft in the era of #MeToo? – This is from a Catholic perspective, which is paganism!

Transhumanism: Get up to Speed on the Watchers here.

Babies made-to-order: America’s fast-food embryo industry

MODERN WATCHERS: Transhumanist Science Will Free Women From Their Biological Clocks

Robots Rising: How Artificial Intelligence Will Leave Many Human Beings ‘Obsolete’, Stealing Jobs And Leaving Them Impoverished, Homeless & Dying From Starvation 

Illegal Aliens – DACA – MS-13 “Divine” ones – Muslim Refugee News

The Unvarnished Truth About Illegal Immigration

Michigan: Muslims charged with planning to aid the Islamic State

Khan’s London: Acid Gang Sentenced after ‘Homophobic’ Attacks

Illegal Alien Serial Killer Arrested in Reno, Nevada – Suspect in Four Nevada Murders

Neo-Nazi Dem. Rep. Ilhan Omar Contacted a Judge To Get Light Sentences for Islamic State jihadis

CANADA: Muslim petition in Toronto demands that Islamic prayer rooms be placed in EVERY subway station

Mass shootings in 2018 killed 68 Americans and the mass media freaked out; ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS murdered 2,000 people – MSM silent

Thousands of caravan migrants trek and hitch-hike across Mexico after hundreds were allowed in with no border checks and are now headed for the US 

False Flags – Big Brother – Police State – Gun Confiscation – Crooked Cops

They’re Going After Your Guns, Again!

Broken taillight? Get slammed to ground face-first

Bill Gates Installs ‘News Filter’ onto Everyone’s Device to Censor Alt Media

Innocent Child Harassed, Threatened by Cops for Shoveling Snow Without a Permit

Uncle Sam Wants Your DNA: The FBI’s Diabolical Plan to Create a Nation of Suspects

Now It’s William Barr: When Will Christians And Conservatives Stop Making Excuses For Donald Trump?If the nomination of William Barr as America’s next ‘Top Cop’ doesn’t awaken the ‘Always Trumpers,’ there is absolutely no hope for them. 

Racism, Eugenics and Genocide – Be sure and read Racism needs a willing Vessel

University of Georgia teaching assistant: ‘Some white people may have to die’ 

Women viciously attack Jessie Peterson at Women’s March repeatedly called him Nigger!

Ilhan Omar defends Black Hebrew Israelites against Covington teens, gets called out for her lies

Why isn’t the United Nations condemning South African leaders who have called for the death of whites?

Threatened With Libel Charges, Rep. Ilhan Omar Deletes Ignorant, Hateful Tweets About Covington Students

Racist Nut Kamala Harris Opens Campaign with Bizarre “Wakanda Forever” VideoSee what Wakanda means here

Communist Democrat Trash – RINO Republican Scum – Vote Fraud – Fake News

President Trump Surrounded by Traitors

Illegal Alien Living in Texas Sentenced to Prison For Voting in 2016 Election Using Fake ID

If Libs Will Lie About the Covington Catholic Kids, Who Won’t They Lie About?  Answer John 8:44!

Racist Sheila Jackson Lee Resigns from Key Posts After Being Sued for Retaliation Against Staffer

FAKE NEWS STRIKES AGAIN Apologies Roll In For Catholic School Protesters As Fuller Picture Of Events Emerges 

Indiana-Kentucky Indian Movement and Antifa Plan Tuesday Protest at Covington Catholic School Over Far Left Fake News Scandal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Stole Her Economic Plan From Venezuelan Socialist Hugo Chavez – Today The People Eat from Garbage Cans

America ‘s Number One Mafia Princess -Pelosi’s father was a hard core member of the Baltimore mafia and his little girl, Nancy, followed right in his footsteps.

MEDIA BACKTRACKS FROM LIES: AP Admits Students “Were Singing” with Phillips — CNN’s Tapper “Video Contradicts” Phillips’s Claims – NRO Removes Hit Piece

Trump Derangement Disease – Formerly a Syndrome but now has evolved! 

This Is CNN: Jake Tapper Opens Show Screaming, “Let Them Eat Trump Steak!”

CNN legal analyst: The Buzzfeed fiasco is going to make people “think we’re a bunch of leftist liars trying to get Trump”  Duh, YEA!

Joy Behar on Why Liberals Made ‘Snap Judgments’ About the Covington Kids: ‘Cause We’re Desperate to Get Trump Out of Office Like Crack Whores they will DO and SAY anything!!!

Other News of Interest

The Trump Train Is Dead on Arrival– President Trump may very well have already lost the 2020 election

Lawyer Representing Covington Kids Receives Bomb Threat After Giving Celebs and Journalists 48 Hour Notice to Retract or Face Lawsuits

Twitter Allows Death Threat Tweets For Trump Supporting Children To Be ‘Shot On Sight’ As MSM & Leftist Lunatics Push America Closer To Breaking Point And Civil War

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