November 15, 2020 End Times News Alert

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Good news for a Change

Thousands Protest Against Socialism in Argentina

Christian Girl in Pakistan Recovered from Kidnapper

Mississippi Vows to IGNORE Unconstitutional Nationwide Lockdown Order

Florida “Anti-Mob” Bill Gives Civilians Immunity If They Shoot Looters Or Run Over Protesters

Blind Woman No Longer Prohibited From Sharing Faith in Public Park as Settlement Reached

Million Maga March Crowd Erupts After Nick Fuentes Shouts ‘God is on our Side’: ‘Christ is King! Christ is King!’

This weeks Ignorance Gone to Seed Awards:

They Are Already Talking of Joe Biden’s Demise

Boston University Professor Says the Term “Legal Vote” is Racist

Teacher leads elementary school kids in pro-Kamala Harris chant

Portland ‘Defund the Police’ Democrat Calls 911 When Cab Driver Cancels Her Ride

“Lockdowns For Thee, But Not For Me” – Newsom, Pelosi Attend Dinner Parties While US COVID Cases Explode

After Democrat-Ruled Minneapolis City Council Causes Major Crime Wave After Defunding Police, They Approve $500,000 to Fund Outside Police

Isaiah 5:20-21 News: Apostasy – Hypocrisy – Christian Persecution. The World has gone Totally NUTS and Topsy-Turvy!

Alito warns of threats to speech, religious rights

Did You Know That Satan Can Override Your Will?

Kill Christ And Burn His House Down,” Ubisoft Says

American Churches are Selling Their Souls for Social Acceptance

Pew: Christians Still Most ‘Harassed’ Religious Group in the World

Christian Ministry Sues Bank Over Claims of Religious Discrimination

Ethiopia: ‘Likely Hundreds’ Hacked to Death as Nation Faces Civil War

Cuban Officials Bulldoze Church, Arrest Pastor for Streaming the Demolition

China turns churches into factories, ‘cultural centers’ to ensure Christians can’t meet

Carl Lentz’ Five-Month Sexual Affair With Muslim Woman Began at His Anniversary

North Korea Jails, Executes Anyone Who Owns a Bible, Shocking New Report Says

Thousands of Canadian Churches Forced to Shut Down as Country Enters New Lockdown

Joel Osteen’s Former Associate Allegedly Caught Cheating on Wife Again For Grilled Meat

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Democrat-Ruled California Set to Reopen Strip Clubs Before Churches

New York Bar Passed Mandated Covid-19 Vaccine Without Religious or Personal Exemption Rights

Christian Research Group: US ‘Moving Toward Elimination of Biblical Worldview as Cornerstone of Society’

Anti-Christ Humanist Group Sues Okla. School District for Allowing ‘Missionaries’ to Teach Students About Christianity

Demonic Horror As ANTIFA And Black Lives Matter Terrorists Attack Men, Women And Children In Washington DC After Peaceful MAGA March

Get Ready For Chaos Regardless Of Who Ends Up In The White House : Consider what would happen if leftists go into December/January under the assumption that they have the presidency in the bag, when suddenly it is all snatched away from them!!

Signs of the Times  Mark 13:4-10 and Luke 21:25-28 – Prophecy 

Can We Know We Are In The End times?

Seattle homelessness explodes, with no end in sight

Beijing explodes with rage after Mike Pompeo backs independent Taiwan

U.S. Syria Envoy Jim Jeffrey Admits Lying to President Trump to Keep War Going

Ironic: Fire Breaks Out at Chi-Com Chemical Plant on National Fire Prevention Day

M5.5 and M5.2 earthquakes hit warning areas in California and Nevada within 30 seconds – Big One ahead?

Powerful blizzard sets new snow and cold temperature records across Alaska, California, Nevada, the Canadian Prairies

Nevada earthquake: Huge 5.4 quake rattles US – worst earthquake streak in 66 years  Nevada is one of the VOTE FRAUD states!! 2+2=?

Fireball Soaring Across Northeast Sky Spotted By People Across Delaware Valley:The American Meteor Society received more than 300 reports so far from observers across 12 states

Plagues – Disease – Famine – Vaccine Hoax – 5G – Climate Hoax  ***Educate yourself about the Georgia Guide Stones!!***

Biden COVID Adviser Pitches National Lockdown

Vaccine Mandate! Did Bill Gates Win The Election?

Portugal ‘State of Emergency’: 70% of Population Under Curfew

UK PM Meets With Bill Gates To Discuss Implementing ‘Global’ Vaccine Program

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro: We Must Not Deal With Covid Like ‘A Country Of Sissies’

Gates Foundation Pours Another $70 MILLION Into Pushing Covid-19 Vaccines on 3rd World Countries as Safety & Efficacy Questions Remain

‘Something extremely bogus is going on’: Musk says he’s positive & negative for Covid-19 after taking 4 tests in 1 day;’ Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse. Rapid antigen test from BD’, 

Man Made False Religions = Atheism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Mormonism, Scientology etc.

ISIS behead 50 men and boys on soccer field

Pope Francis’ Lies and Hypocrisy on Pedophilia Exposed!

U.S. Muslim man charged with helping ISIS train people how to kill

Priest Kicks Autistic 7-Year-Old Out of His Sister’s Baptism Ceremony

Vatican Forming New Chrislam Global Partnership With ‘Devout Catholic’ And Passionate Pro-Abortion And Child Transgender Advocate Joe Biden

Pedophilia – Sodom and Gomorrah – Sex Trafficking – Feminism –  More LGBTQPXYZ news here

Australian Police Expose Global Child Sex Abuse Ring

California Man Flew To NJ For Sex With 11-Year-Old Girl

Record Number of Sodomites Ran in 2020 U.S. Elections, Pastors Cheer

Dutch Police Arrest Pedophile Hunters: Beg Them To Stop Exposing Pedophiles

Liberal Norway Has Made It A Crime Punishable With Prison Time To Criticize The LGBTQ+ P For Pedophile Movement Even In Your Private Conversations

Satanism – Witchcraft – New Age – Demon Possession – Mark of the Beast  Be sure and bookmark the website

Charles Manson’s Demons live on in Crazed Fan

Nurse charged with murder over baby deaths at Cheshire hospital – Child Sacrifice to her false god!

Transhumanism – Nephilim – Alien Agenda  Get up to Speed on the Watchers here.

Antichrist’s Autonomous Machines Will Slaughter Those Who Refuse To Take The Mark Of The Beast (See Rev. 13:15)—Behold The Dangerous Rise Of Military A.I.

New device puts music in your head — no headphones required:You listen to your favorite tunes, play loud computer games, watch a movie or get navigation directions in your car — all without disturbing those around you. 

They Kept The Secret From The American Public… (Giants Were In Your Back Yard) Around the turn of the 19th century, there were hundreds of reports from reputable sources of giant skeletons. unearthed from ancient burial mounds across America

Illegal Aliens – DACA – MS-13 “Divine” ones – Muslim Refugee News – Weekly Terrorist News here

ICE Twitter Account Deleted; Abolish ICE Hackers Take Credit

Illegal Immigration Into Europe Continues “Always & Everywhere”

Billionaires Back Claim That Only Amnesty and Illegals Can Save America

False Flags – Big Brother – Police State – Gun Confiscation – Crooked Cops – Vote Fraud

Thousands in Wisconsin May Have Bypassed ID Requirement

Nevada Whistleblower: Workers Instructed to Process Illegitimate Ballots

No Matter How the Ballots are Counted, the American Police State Will Continue

Researchers Question Reliability of Dominion Voting Systems, Election Systems & Software

Was George Soros Lieutenant’s Election System Originally Designed for Malfeasance? US Vote Machines Made in Venezuela for Election Fraud 

Project Veritas Has Recordings of Fed Agents Interrogating and Intimidating PA USPS Whistleblower Who Exposed the Backdating Ballots Scheme

Nasty Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Is Chief Executive and Dirty Dianne Feinstein’s Husband a Major Shareholder at Dominion Ballot Counting Systems

2020 CENSORSHIP: US Cyber Command Puts NTEB On List Of ‘Extremist Sites’ And Begins Blocking Military Personnel From Accessing Our Pages

Chinese Citizen Score Creates An Orwellian Social Rating System: Though still in its nascence, China’s citizen score will become mandatory by 2020, affecting citizens’ abilities to get jobs, access the internet, and travel, based on the way the government

Domestic Terrorists – Bernie Bros – Antifa – Black Lives Matter Racists

Antifa, Black Lives Matter Communist Front Groups are Evil

Hating Democrats Burn American Flags at Million MAGA Rally

U.S. Muslim man charged with helping ISIS train people how to kill

Indiana Woman Gets More than 6 Years in Prison for Funding Islamic State

Black Lives Matter Leader Orders Biden to Adopt BLM’s RADICAL Agenda

BLM Torches White Liberals Who Celebrate Biden; ‘You’re A Bunch Of Fu**ing Fools!’

MI AG Plays Race Card over Trump Campaign Suit: Theme Is ‘Black People Are Corrupt’

Anti-Trump Dominion Voting Systems Security Chief Was Participating in Antifa Calls, Posted Antifa Manifesto Letter to Trump Online

VAX THE BLACKS: Joe Biden’s Covid-19 taskforce member recommends withholding food stamps and rent assistance from those who refuse coronavirus vaccines 

Joe Biden coronavirus adviser Dr. Zeke Emanuel once argued it’s not worth living past 75 – despite president-elect being 77 – and suggested only ‘younger people who are yet to live a complete life’ should get a vaccine in a flu pandemic

Enemies of America and GOD! – Communist Democrat Trash – R.I.N.O Republican Scum – Fake News

The Democrat Socialists are Coming for You

Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Denounce Socialism

Former Google Chief Schmidt Applies to Become Citizen of Cyprus

Understanding Socialism, Marxism, & the Radical Left’s Plan for America

The Deep State prepares for a coup or coup d’état against President Trump

Soros Pumps More Money Into District Attorneys to Flip Races for Democrats

More Proof the McCain Clan are Communist RINO’s and Enemies of America

Democrat Raphael Warnock Repeatedly Praised Jeremiah Wright and Marxism

Mad Maxine Waters: Biden Win Is the ‘Dawn of a New Progressive COMMUNIST America’

Rogue General Mark Milley Threatens President: “We Do Not Take an Oath to King or Queen, a Tyrant or Dictator”

Alexandria Ocrazio-Cortex Melts Down, Threatens to Quit Politics Because the Democrat Party Isn’t Marxist Enough

Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren: Biden Must Bypass Congress to Implement the ‘Most ProgressiveCOMMUNIST Agenda ‘Ever’

Analysis of Election Night Data from All States Shows MILLIONS OF VOTES Either Switched from President Trump to Biden or Were Lost — Using Dominion and Other Systems

The Fight for The Soul of Our Republic Has Begun: If Joe Biden had run a real campaign and generated genuine enthusiasm, Trump voters would be unhappy with his victory but would acknowledge he had won. But Biden did not win 

Trump Derangement Disease – Lunatics in the News!

Chris Fredo Cuomo: Trump Is ‘A Dead Man Walking’

CNN Reporter Scolds Crowd Chanting ‘F*ck Donald Trump!’

London’s Khan Claims Trump Bullied Him Over Muslim Faith

CNN Freakout: Trump Not Conceding Could Put America in Danger for Another 9/11

Liberal Lunatics Gather to Beat Effigy of President Donald Trump With a Baseball Bat in Hollywood

FOX News Heir’s Wife Kathryn Murdoch Calls Trump a Dictator, Tweets out, “We Did It!” After FOX News Declares Biden Winner!

Angry Michelle MICHAEL Obama Trashes Trump Voters as Supporters of “Hate” and “Chaos” — After Trump Smashes Her HIS Hubby’s Vote Haul Record


Other News of Interest



The Right That Guarantees Your Freedom!

174 Pounds of Meth, Cocaine Seized at Texas Border Crossing

“I Dare You to Stay There! I Got Something for You!” – Detroit City Clerk Threatens Dog Attack on TGP Reporter

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