September 2, 2018 End Times News Alert

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Good News for a change!

Facebook Employees Unite To Fight Ingrained Liberal Intolerance

BREAKING: FBI Arrests All 5 ‘Extremist Muslims’ Connected To New Mexico Compound

This weeks Ignorance Gone to Seed Awards:

Judge endorses ban on Christian flag

Fifth-Grade Student in North Carolina Disciplined After Calling His Teacher ‘Ma’am’

Preacher Against Homosexuality? ‘Gay’ Athlete? Assignment Asks Students to Determine Who Is ‘Most Deserving’ to Live or Die

Fake News King: CNN tries to mkae Illegal Alien Murder of Mollie Tibbetts about get this,  “Harassment while Jogging”!!!  All men get the blame

Isaiah 5:20-21 News: The World has gone NUTS and Topsy-Turvy!

Man Has Been Threatened with Eviction for Holding a Bible Study

Oneness Preacher Gropes Jezebel Singer Ariana Grand at Aretha Franklin Funeral

Activists Recite Marxist Pledge at Anti-Kavanaugh Event  These Communists are everywhere!

Netflix Insatiable mocks Christianity with young girls pleading for Sex with Jesus and Holy Spirit

Signs of the Times  Mark 13:4-10 and Luke 21:25-28

An “Insect Apocalypse” Of Biblical Proportions Hits Russia

Militant Antifa Group Targets Christian Mega-Church in Austin; Doxes Pastor’s Son

Large fireballs rattling homes and mysterious booms baffling people around the world

First winter weather advisories of the 2018/19 season issued for parts of the Rockies of Montana and Wyoming

Liberal Trash and Republican Scum

2 California Senators Declare War on the Christian Faith

Sarah Palin, Loyal Running Mate, Excluded from John McCain’s Funeral

Plagues – Disease – Vaccine hoax – Transhumanism – Get up to Speed on the Watchers here.

Americans Contracting More STDs 

Experts Gather For UN-Hosted Meeting On “Killer Robots”

First Generation of Autonomous Killer Bots Ready to Seek Out and Destroy Invasive Fish

National Health Crisis! U.S. Rates of Syphilis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Soar To The Highest Levels Ever

DNA Of The Nephilim? Scientists Discover Shocking Evidence Neanderthals Interbred With Other Human Groups

False Religions: Atheism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Mormonism etc.

The Fall of Rome

Iran sentences 4 Christians to 45 years in jail

Ethiopia: Muslims murder 15 Christian priests, torch ten churches

Indian Christians Forced to Live as Hindus or Face Severe Consequences

Hey Catholics, your Demonic Leader covered up and enabled his fellow Pedophiles!

Pedophile – Sodom and Gomorrah – Sex Trafficking News – Sexual Perversion

Florida County Arrests 40 In Child Sex-Trafficking, Prostitution Bust

Televangelist Ernest Angley Accused of Sexual Misconduct, Forcing Former Pastor to Undergo Vasectomy

Lesbians Sue Retirement Village ‘Operating in Accordance With Biblical Principles’ for Declining Housing Request

Witchcraft – Satanism – Demon Possession – Mark of the Beast

Mount Vernon man decapitated girlfriend after he ‘had spoken with God’

Are They Telling Us What Is Coming? The Mainstream Media Boldly Declares “You Will Be Microchipped”

Illegal Aliens – DACA – Muslim Refugee News

Driver Who Allegedly Killed Oregon Couple In DUI Crash Is Illegal Alien

160 Suspected Illegals Detained After Texas ICE Raid

Big Brother – Police State – Gun Confiscation – Crooked Cops

61% Of Big Tech Employees Say Ban Alex Jones

Vigilantes with a Badge: Warrior Cops Endanger Our Lives and Freedoms

Virginia Cop Arrested, Charged For Allegedly Beating 6-Month-Old Baby to Death

Woman Secretly Records Cop Try to Force Her to Give Him Sexual Favors to Drop Charges

As Land Confiscations Loom, South Africa Rules 300,000 Gun-Owners Turn Over Their Weapons

Racism – Be sure and read Racism needs a willing Vessel

Fake News defends racism and genocide in South Africa

White South Africans Afraid for Their Lives Thank President Trump—If society makes it ok to hate people, then people will act upon that hatred and society will allow it.

Trump Derangement Syndrome

‘The Level Of Hatred Is Unbelievable’: Trump Warns Christians Leftists May Turn Violent After Midterms

Other News of Interest

It’s Time to Stop Celebrating Criminals

California Church Shocked After Pastor Commits Suicide

Woman Claims Self-Styled Prophet Kofi Danso Said She Would Die If She Didn’t Abort Their Love Child

David Katz: Yet Another Mass Shooter That Had His Mind Warped By Anti-Psychotic And Anti-Depressant Medications

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