End Times News Alert March 11th 2022

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James 4:1-2 “From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? 2 Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.”  Read the whole chapter

Note: Some may think I am Pro-Russia, Pro-Putin.  No I am not. You just need to know the TRUTH about WHO the REAL ENEMY is. Quit listening to the Fake News. They are just Talking Heads who PARROT what the Warmonger Globalists tell them to SQUAWK!

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” – Arthur Conan Doyle

Only people with Eyes to SEE and Ears to HEAR Understand!  Matthew 13:161st Corinthians 2:14-16  

“A time will come when instead of shepherds feeding the sheep, the church will have clowns entertaining the goats.” – C.H. Spurgeon – We are now in that time!!  Are you a Sheep or a Goat

The Communist Take Over of the World is Full Throttle – The Anti-Christ will emerge SOON

Ahab and Jezebel Are Now in Charge of America

Imprecatory Prayer: You MUST Engage The Enemy!

There is NO Separation of Church and State in the Bible. If you believe there is, you are Biblically Ignorant, and are a product of the Social Gospel!

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Good News for a Change

Idaho Moves to Make Transgender Surgeries for Children a Felony

Florida Becomes First State to Recommend AGAINST Vaccinating Children

Signs of the Times – Weather – Famine – Wars – Climate Hoax – Earthquakes – Volcanoes  Mark 13:4-10Luke 21:25-28 

Global Food Supply Collapse: Multi-Dimensional Planned Disaster

Neocons Working to Foment Insurgency in Ukraine, Turn Country Into The Next Afghanistan

Gas Prices Hit New All-Time US Record at $4.11 per Gallon – Thanks to Communist Luciferians

“Phone Hasn’t Stopped Ringing” – The World’s Ultra Rich Are Panic Buying Doomsday Bunkers

Nearly 2.8 Million Birds (Mostly Chickens And Turkeys) Have Died In The First Month Of America’s Raging New Bird Flu Pandemic

Global crop collapse now a certainty… widespread famine to plague planet Earth from 2022 – 2024… it is set in motion and cannot be stopped 

Plagues – Disease – Vaccines – 5G –  Eugenics and Genocide –  Georgia Guide Stones Revelation 16:9 – 18:4 

The World Health Organization Has Advanced Plans For A ‘Pandemic Treaty’  

WHO Told Ukraine To Destroy ‘High-Threat Pathogens’ In Labs To Prevent Disease Spread

Johnson & Johnson’s Sick Big Pharma Experiment EXPOSED, Black People Injected With ASBESTOS

Billions of GMO Mosquitoes Set to Be Released in California, Florida – And WHAT IF they INFECTED them with a NEW Virus???

US-Funded Bio Labs in Ukraine Conducted Research Into Bat Coronavirus, Russian MoD Says  Sins being revealed! Luke 12:2  oh and get this… Psaki Gaslights: Claims Ukraine Biolabs A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Despite State Department Confirming Their Existence

Christian Persecution – False Religions – False Preachers – C.I.N.O’s – Islam – Catholicism – Apostasy – Hypocrisy

Pastor Tied to Post and Beaten in Delhi, India

I.G.T.S – Projection – Fake News – Propaganda – Hellywood – Social Media  – Isaiah 5:20-24 See Enemy of the People

Mormon R.I.N.O Mitt Romney, Who Said Trump Would Start WW3, Is Now Trying to Start WW3 – Can get more Ignorant that that!

MSNBC’s Resident Racist Jezebel Joy Reid: World Only Cares about Ukraine Because It’s a ‘White Christian’ Nation – Oh and she hates God too!

Abortion – Pedophilia – Sodom/Gomorrah – Sex Trafficking – Trannys – LGBTQPXYZ – P.I.L.L’s = Perverts In Lunatic Land

Sex Ed Camp for Children Run By Pedophiles

Guatemala increases abortion penalty, bans same-sex marriage

UK: British girl was sexually abused from age 14 – 17 by ‘up to 300 mostly Muslim men 

Communist Luciferians in Maryland Want New Law to Murder Babies 28 Days AFTER They are Born!

Disney CEO Pledges $5 Million to LGBTQ Groups over Florida Bill Barring Sexuality Instruction for Kids

Big Pharma-Funded Trans Activists Promoting Sex-Change Drugs for Children  Always follow the money!

Texas foster care center sex-trafficked minors – It’s going on all over the country. CPS gives children to these perverts knowing they are predators!

Satanism – Witchcraft – New Age – Demon Possession – Mark of the Beast – Transhumanism – Nephilim – Alien UFO Agenda

83-year-old Tranny accused of 3rd killing

False Flags – Big Brother – Police State – N.W.O – Gun Confiscation – Crooked Cops – Vote Fraud

Guilty Plea Entered In Arizona Ballot Harvesting Case Exposed By Local Residents

Deep state neocon admits that Ukraine has “biological research facilities,” sets stage for false flag to be blamed on Russia

FBI Documents Reveal Ties Between Ukraine Neo-Nazi Group, Azov Battalion, & Charlottesville Rioters — U.S. Funding Helped Train Charlottesville Rioters

9/11 Terrorist, Known as the “20th Hijacker,” CIA PATSY Released From Gitmo by Biden Regime – Will Be Transferred to Home Country of Saudi Arabia For “Mental Health Treatment”  – Where he will be activated to assassinate someone, just like others they have programmed! Maybe they will drop him off in Russia to fulfill the words of Homosexual Lindsey Graham!

Domestic Terrorists – Hate Hoaxes – Racism – Antifa – BLM – CRT – Illegal Aliens – MS-13 – Racism needs a willing Vessel 

Jussie Smollett Sentenced for Fake Race Hoax

Farrakhan: USA, Russia Will Fall, ‘White Power Has to End’

Illegal Alien Gets Four Life Sentences for Murdering Four Americans

Nine-Time Deported Illegal Alien Charged with Molesting 9-Year-Old Girl

Illegal Alien Teenager Crashes Into Border Patrol Vehicle During Smuggling Bust

Federal Judge Orders Joe Biden to Stop Mass Release of Illegal Migrant Children at Border

Florida: Muslim migrant accused of over 50 sexual assaults in Lebanon is arrested for attacking a woman

Joe Biden – Willie Brown’s Hoe Kamala Harris – R.I.N.O’s and other Communist Traitor News


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Galatians 4:16 “Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?”

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The Communist Democrat Party really is the Party of Death and that of Destruction and Treason! They are The Beast and Enemy Within!

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