End Times News Alert September 12th 2021

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Jeremiah 33:3 “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

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“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” – Arthur Conan Doyle

Only people with Eyes to SEE and Ears to HEAR Understand!  Matthew 13:161st Corinthians 2:14-16 – Are you a Sheep or a Goat

The Communist Take Over of the World is Full Throttle – The Anti-Christ will emerge SOON

Ahab and Jezebel Are Now in Charge of America

Imprecatory Prayer: You MUST Engage The Enemy!

There is NO Separation of Church and State in the Bible. If you believe that, you are Biblically Ignorant!

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Signs of the Times – Weather – Famine – Wars – Climate Hoax – Earthquakes – Volcanoes  Mark 13:4-10Luke 21:25-28Isaiah 5:20-21 

What you don’t know… WILL KILL YOU!

Hell is Coming and Death is Coming with It

3 End-Time Wars: Armies Gather at Armageddon

The Elite are Building Remote Doomsday Mansions

Water turns PINK-RED near the drying Dead Sea in Jordan

Major hailstorm drops rare softball-size hail near Appleton, Wisconsin

Dixie Fire is blazing its way to becoming California’s biggest inferno ever

France: Severe floods hit Agen after two months’ worth of rain in just 3 hours

Massive M6.5 earthquake at the northernmost tip of the Cascadia Subduction zone in British Columbia, Canada quickly deleted by USGS – The scumbags don’t want the serfs to know what is on the way!

Plagues – Disease – Eugenics and Genocide –  Georgia Guide Stones Revelation 16:9 – 18:4 

Patients filling the hospitals are VACCINATED! Period!

India Fighting to Contain Outbreak of Nipah Virus After Boy’s Death

CDC Quietly Changes Definition Of ‘Vaccine’ As COVID-19 Continues To Infect Vaccinated People

Fauci Struggles to Explain Why People With Natural Immunity Should Take Vax: ‘I Don’t Have A Really Firm Answer For You On That’

Christian Persecution – False Religions – Islam – Catholicism – Apostasy – Hypocrisy

Muslim Gunmen in Pakistan Wound at least Four Christians

Muslim Extremists Kill 19-Year-Old Christian in Boat for His Faith

Apostate Blasphemer Max Lucado diagnosed with Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

Pastor Arrested Outside Facility Where Babies Are Murdered for Singing Hymns Too Loud

Days Before 9/11 Anniversary, Intellectual Proposes Replacing Term ‘Judeo-Christian’ with ‘Islamo-Christian’

Most adult US Christians don’t believe Holy Spirit is real – Because they are FAUX Christians. They are NOT BORN AGAIN as Jesus said one must be! John 3:3

Ignorance Gone to Seed – Projection – Fake News – Social Media – Communist LUNATICS:  See Enemy of the People here

AOC: ‘Other People Can Menstruate – Not Just Women’

9/11 Masterminds Finally Go on Trial—20 Years After the Attack

CNN Weirdos Angry About Football Fans Cheering And Breathing Too Hard

George W. Bush: ‘Jan 6 Protestors Are As Evil As 9/11 Terrorists’ – W is just as much a Fool as Demented Joe!

Virginia Officials Will Replace Objects in Time Capsule Under Robert E. Lee Statue With Kente Cloth, LGBT Pin And BLM Sticker

Protect Dr. Frankenstein Fauci: Establishment Communist Media Ignores Bombshell Report About China Lab Funding Gain-of-Function Research, How Fauci Created a Monster, Then Lied About It

Pedophilia – Sodom and Gomorrah – Sex Trafficking – Feminism – Sexual Abuse/Perversion – Trannys 

Lutheran Church installs first openly Tranny bishop

Leftists Cheer After Biological Male, A TRANNY, Beats a Woman in MMA Competition

Homo Teacher Resigns After Instructed to Remove LGBTQ Flag – Then the fudge packer files a complaint.

Satanism – Witchcraft – New Age – Demon Possession – Mark of the Beast – Transhumanism – Nephilim – Alien UFO Agenda


HUMANIZED-VEGETATION? Researchers Transfer Human Protein Into Plants To Give Them NEPHILIM GIGANTISM

CALLING THE WITCH OF ENDOR! It’s The Second Coming Of The New Age And All-Inclusive PHARMAKIA Rastafarian Occult Retreats Are The New Luxury ‘Trips’

False Flags – Big Brother – Police State – N.W.O – Gun Confiscation – Crooked Cops – Vote Fraud

Results of Canvassing in Arizona Released – ELECTION STEAL IS NOW CONFIRMED

Puppet Biden Declares War on America: Announces Dictatorial Powers with Forced Injections!

Australia Confiscates Alcohol, Limits Residents in Lockdown to “Six Beers or Pre-Mixed Drinks or One Bottle of Wine”

Domestic Terrorists – Hate Hoaxes – Racism – Antifa – BLM – CRT – Illegal Aliens – MS-13 – Racism needs a willing Vessel 

500 Migrants Sit Under West Texas Border Bridge Due to Overcrowding

Joe Biden’s Plan for Forced Vaccinations for American Workers Does Not Include Illegal Aliens

Joe Biden – Willie Brown’s Hoe – and other Communists News

Chinese State Media: George Soros is a ‘Global Economic Terrorist’

Leaked Emails Confirm Biden Admin Blocked Private Evacuation Flights from Afghanistan

Ignorance Gone to Seed FLASHBACK: Biden Opposed Vaccine and Mask Mandates Eight Months Ago

Biden Threatens to ‘Remove Governors’ Who Oppose His Vaccine Demands; Civil War Now Likely – They could not Trigger a Race War, so they opt for a Civil War!

Joe Biden is not incompetent: He is doing exactly what he was hired to do — collapse America :Collapse the American military and embolden enemy forces. Collapse the supply chain, the dollar and ultimately the American economy

Hypocrites Extraordinaire: Demented Joe Declares Martial Law American Citizens – NOT ILLEGALS! – Harris on Same Day Biden Announces Vax Mandates: ‘When People Are Able to Make Choices without Government Interference… We Are a Stronger Society’

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