End Times News Update February 19-20, 2021

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Psalms 78:6-8 “That the generation to come might know them, even the children which should be born; who should arise and declare them to their children: 7 That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments: 8 And might not be as their fathers, a stubborn and rebellious generation; a generation that set not their heart aright, and whose spirit was not stedfast with God.”

The Communist Take Over of the World is Full Throttle – The Anti-Christ will emerge SOON!

Ahab and Jezebel Are Now in Charge of America

Imprecatory Prayer: You MUST Engage The Enemy!

There is NO Separation of Church and State in the Bible. If you believe that, you are Biblically Ignorant!

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Good news for a Change

Father Recovers 12 year old Daughter  – kidnapped,  forcible conversion and marriage to a 45-year-old Muslim

Ignorance Gone to Seed – Projection – Fake News – Social Media – Communist LUNATICS:  See Enemy of the People here


Biden kills Keystone but promotes pipeline for Taliban

Biden ‘Open’ to Funding Study About Slavery Reparations

Texas Failed To Winterize Nuclear Plant Leading To Reactor Shut Down

Texas Frozen Chaos Becomes Global Oil Market Nightmare With 40% Of US Crude Production Offline

RED ALERT: The Department of Energy Blocked Texas From Increasing Power Output Before And During Deadly Storm

Masters of Deflection: CNN Fake Newsers Fredo Cuomo, Homo Lemon Pounce on Cruz to Distract from Federal Killer Cuomo Probe

Signs of the Times – False Religions – Apostasy – Hypocrisy – Christian Persecution  Mark 13:4-10Luke 21:25-28Isaiah 5:20-21


Crude Prices Soar as US Oil, Gas Industry Disrupted by Arctic Blast

16 Catholics killed and Church burned by suspected Islamic rebels in DRC attack

The Temporary Collapse Of Texas Is Foreshadowing The Total Collapse Of The United States

False ‘Progressive’ Church in Nashville Says Bible Isn’t ‘the Word of God … Inerrant or Infallible’

Trinity Quakes: 3 strong M6.1 earthquakes hit the Royalty Islands, Vanuatu and Wallis and Futuna in 14 hours

It’s the most impressive seismic start to a new year this century! 29 major quakes so far in 2021 as a mag M 6.1, east of Fiji is the latest to rock the Australian Plate where almost 200 large aftershocks have occurred in the last seven days 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued an Emergency Declaration for more than 30 states and the District of Columbia due to widespread fuel shortages and damage caused by extreme winter weather

National Sins and National Judgments :A SERMON BY JOHN National Sins and National Judgment:A SERMON BY JOHN OWEN ,Preached April 11, 1679.The open discovery of the profaneness and villany of their hearts,in striving to hide from God and man the wickedness 

Plagues – Disease – Famine – Eugenics and Genocide – Climate Hoax – Georgia Guide Stones – Revelation 16:9  18:4 

CDC caught massively inflating coronavirus cases, deaths in violation of federal law

“Pandemic Precautions” Left Some Texas Shelters Closed As Homeless Froze To Death

John Kerry Blames Frigid Temperatures and Record Cold on Global Warming, Says We have 9 Years Left to Save the Planet

International Alert Message about COVID-19. United Health Professionals The lockdown « a global scientific fraud of unprecedented proportions

Where’s the Beef! – Expect The Upcoming Food Shortages To Be Much Worse Than Previously Reported And Prepare For ‘In Vitro’ Meats To Become The Staple Of American Diets As Largest U.S. Farmland Owner, Bill Gates, Wants Americans To Only Eat ‘Synthetic Beef’

Pedophilia – Sodom and Gomorrah – GAYSTAPO – Sex Trafficking – Feminism –  More LGBTQPXYZ news here

Joe Biden’s ‘War on Women’: Equality Act to End Legal Recognition of Biological Sex

Satanism – Witchcraft – New Age – Demon Possession – Mark of the Beast – Transhumanism – Nephilim – Alien Agenda

Written Documentation of Adrenochrome Industry

Mysterious Monolith Appears in DR Congo, Destroyed by Locals Amid Fears of ‘Aliens and Illuminati’ 

A Question For Leftists: Why Are All The Evil People On Your Side?  The Answer is a simple one: Satan is a Democrat

False Flags – Big Brother – Police State – Gun Confiscation – Crooked Cops – Vote Fraud


Montana Becomes 18th State to Abolish Concealed Carry Permit Requirement

Michigan Removed 177,000 Voters from Voter Rolls in January After Certifying Biden Won Michigan by 154,000 Votes in November

After Abandoning Trump and Allowing Landslide Election to be Stolen, Republican “Leaders” Now Want to Look Into Election Integrity

Domestic Terrorists – Racism – Antifa – Black Lives Matter Racists – Illegal Aliens – DACA – Racism needs a willing Vessel 

Coca Cola trains employees to be less ‘white’

Gates Foundation Behind “Math Is Racist” Movement

States Mull Cheaper Tuition for Illegals Than American Citizens

BLM Activist Fired From Library After Burning Trump, Coulter Books

Democrat Infighting:  Are Latinos Getting Sick of Black Lives Matter?

All Black Voices Are Equal, Except Some Black Voices Are More Equal Than Others

DEMOCRAT Mayor of Texas Border City Pleads With Biden to Stop Releasing Illegals

Democrats Banning Words “Alien” and “Illegal Alien” in Favor of Words Like “Undocumented” and “Noncitizen”

Biden’s America: Feds Order Illegal Aliens With Multiple DUI Convictions, Prior Deportation Released From Virginia Jail

Trump Derangement Disease – This is the Real Plague. The Cure is to get Saved and become a True Patriot!

TDS Still Hasn’t Peaked: Bill Would Forbid Naming Anything After Trump

Unhinged Nancy Pelosi Mentions Trump’s Name, Then Says, “Did I Say His Name?”

Never-Trump MSNBC Guest Tim Miller Incites Insurrection: ‘I Wish We Could Just Blow Up All The Trump Buildings’

Other News of Interest  –  Biden Bumbling Gaffes  Matthew 15:14

Sleepy Joe Calls a ‘Lid’ on Work at 8:00 AM, Takes a Snow Day

STAR WARS Russia and China ready to sign historic deal to build first moon base after snubbing US in new space race

SKY NEWS – Australia: ‘Never Before Has the Leader of the Free World Been so Cognitively Compromised . . . Joe Biden Is Struggling With Dementia and Is Clearly Not up to the Task He’s Been Sworn in to Do’

FBI releases files from Kennedy investigation into Nancy Pelosi’s father – He was a crooked congressman, and her brother was arrested for raping an 11 year-old girl   Well, the NUTS did not fall far from the tree!   Sins of the father visited to the third and fourth generation!!

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