February 24, 2018 End Times News Alert

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2nd John 1:9-11 “Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: 11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

Preaching, Teaching and Saying what Limp Wristed Preachers with Lace on their Panties WONT Preach, Teach or Say! 

This weeks Ignorance Gone to Seed Award: Chris Rock: ‘I Want to Live in a World Where An Equal Amount of White Kids Are Shot Every Month – I Want to See White Mothers On TV Crying’  Well this one does not really need comment other then to say this is true Racism!

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Signs of the times 

Obama’s Brown Shirt Brigade Rises!

Toledo Ohio: A Haven for Vipers and Blind Guides

Number of Demon Possessed Catholics UP Three Fold in Italy

Michigan Rabbi slanders God and says Eve was the first woman in the #metoo movement

Volcanic Activity And Earthquakes In The Ring Of Fire Spark Fears Of ‘The BIG ONE’

Pastor: School District told us to Remove Cross from Sanctuary for Graduation Ceremony

16,000 Christians Dead in Less Than 3 Years: Report Reveals Extent of Violence in Nigeria

Israel Launches Tank And Air strikes Against Hamas In Gaza Strip As Threat Of Massive War Looms

“I Haven’t Eaten Meat In 2 Months” Venezuelan Oil Workers Are Collapsing From Hunger On The Job!

Florida’s Teacher of the Year Bluntly Writes WHY School Violence Is Out of Control  She won’t be getting any more awards and will probably loose her job!

Plagues – Disease – Vaccine hoax

San Francisco Declared One Of World’s Filthiest Slums  America has it’s “Shitholes” also!

Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Illegal Aliens

Man jailed for jihad writes for Washington Post

Police invite Muslim mob to beat Christian “blasphemers” in Pakistan

Highest Court in Malaysia to Hear Appeal of Christian Converts from Islam

Erdogan vows to recapture all lands once held by the Ottoman Empire and more

MS-13 Pimp Ordered Baseball Bat Beating of Underage ‘Prostitute,’ Say Police

Russia:Allahu Akbar’ Gunman Kills Churchgoers at Folk Festival in Muslim-majority Dagestan

Muslim beat and kicked his 9-year-old daughter to death for making mistakes while reciting the Quran

Sweden Democrats: End Chain Migration — and Asylum I wonder when the American Democrats will open their eyes! 

Pedophile – Sodom and Gomorrah – Sex Trafficking News

UN Exposed as Haven for Child Rapists; More Scandals Coming

7 Arrests in Veterans For Child Rescue Joint NGO/LEO Pedophile Sting

Parents Lose Custody Of Child For Refusing To Support Transgenderism

City in Mississippi Denies Homosexual Group’s Request to Parade ‘Gay Pride’ Through Streets

Delaware Schools Push to Allow Kids to Choose Their Own Race, Gender Without Parental Knowledge

Demon changes name from Rose to Peter!Lutheran Church Holds Renaming Ceremony For Transgender Pastor

UK pedophile arrested for plot to rape young girls for top politicians, then dissolve their bodies in acid!  The youngest victim of child pornography he’s seen ‘still had the umbilical cord attached’ 

Witchcraft – Satanism – Demon Possession – Mark of the Beast

I was bewitched: Woman found with stolen baby blames witchcraft

Atheist Activist Group Wants Courthouse Scripture Mural Removed

18-yr-old Italian woman is raped, murdered and cannibalized by Nigerian migrants

Black Magic Witch Casts Demons out of Oscar winners, Politicians and Movie Bosses?

Other News of Interest


Jill Stein: Democrats Were The Real Meddlers In 2016 Election

Trump: I Hope Oprah Runs In 2020 So Her Racism Is Exposed

Pa. student charged with planning to shoot up high school graduation

The New Democratic Party. Picture a stinking compost pile behind the shed

Kim Dotcom: “Let Me Assure You, The DNC Hack Wasn’t Even A Hack”

Columbine Shooting Survivor Introduces Bill To Allow Teachers To Carry Guns In Schools

What Every Utah Voter Needs To Know About Mitt Romney…. other than he is a Mormon!

Mother of Exploited Shooting Survivor Turns Out to Be A CNN VIP & Anti-Trump Activist

Pro wrestler admits to role in 1987 unsolved train track murder of two boys Fingers Clinton’s

Armed deputy was outside Florida school when rampage took place but chose not to confront the shooter. He cowered outside like a scared dog. Resigned so he can collect his retirement!

And now this poop has floated: Florida mass shooting was ALLOWED to happen: Four deputies stood down, led by egomaniacal sheriff exposed as an anti-gun Democrat operative seeking fame

May God Bless if you are truly one of HIS Children!

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