October 14, 2018 End Times News Alert

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Psalms 68:1-3 “Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him.2 As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.3 But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice.

Preaching, Teaching and Saying what Limp Wristed Preachers with Lace on their Panties WONT Preach, Teach or Say! 

Just 12 hrs after my last 30 day ban on Fascist book expired on 9/9, they banned me for another 30 days!!! Also Government Propaganda has been UN-Published! It is still there but won’t be for long!

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Good News for a change!

‘Sexuality studies’ prof arrested for stealing Republican yard signs

Gay Marriage Cake: U.K. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Christian Bakers

American pastor Andrew Brunson released after being held in Turkey for 2 years

Pastor Brunson Prays Over President Trump In Oval Office‘Fill Him With Your Wisdom And Strength And Perseverance’

Earliest Known Stone Carving Of Hebrew Word ‘Jerusalem’ From Second Temple Period Found Near City Entrance Stuns Archaeologists

New York Times scrambles to defuse a full-blown staff rebellion The Communist Fake News Outlets are starting to crumble! The Bible says: Matthew 15:14 “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” 

This weeks Ignorance Gone to Seed Awards:


Scottish anti-‘hate’ posters blasted for promoting hate

High school band ‘executes’ cops during football halftime show

Grandson In College Disowns His Own Grandmother For Supporting Trump

Pelosi’s San Fran named ‘poop capital’ of America, on pace for record number of complaints

Naked MORMON and wannabe rap star, 21, high on meth climbs into CATHOLIC church’s holy water before walking down the aisle in front of children while committing sex act

Isaiah 5:20-21 News: The World has gone NUTS and Topsy-Turvy!

Virginia School Bans All Songs Mentioning ‘Jesus’ at Annual Christmas Concert

German father charged for protecting his daughter against sexual assault by migrant

Idiot Mazie Hirono Says Kavanaugh Did Not have Anyone to Corroborate His Story But Christine Ford Did

Signs of the Times  Mark 13:4-10 and Luke 21:25-28

Scientist Dr. Michio Kaku Admits Government ‘Weather Control’

‘Explosively breeding’ frogs are literally dropping from above in NC, experts say

Extreme rainfall, unprecedented flash floods wreak havoc, leave 7 dead in northern Iran

Death toll from Indonesia’s quake-tsunami could be more than FIVE THOUSAND, as rescuers recover 2,000 bodies from Palu and say thousands more are missing 

Communist Democrat Trash – Republican Scum – Vote Fraud

Democrats Promise Revenge Following Kavanaugh Confirmation

Leaked Audio Proves Democrats Are Lying About Bussing In Protestors

GOP Senators Receive Death Threats on Their PERSONAL CELL PHONES Following Kavanaugh Confirmation

Eric Holder Questions Legitimacy of Supreme Court; Issues Menacing Call to ‘Use Rage to Vote to Be Rid of Republicans’

Googler Freakout: ‘Evil’ Republicans Will ‘Descend into Flames’ of HellDo you need any more proof that Goggle is for the Communists? 

Plagues – Disease – Vaccine hoax  

Diseased corpses of Ebola victims STOLEN by their distressed families

Coming to a City near YOU? MORE typhus spread in LA; Officials expect additional outbreaks

Six cases of rare ‘polio-like’ illness diagnosed in children in Minnesota Minnesota is full of Somali Muslims. Need I say more?

False Religions: Atheism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Mormonism etc.

Why I call Joel Osteen a false teacher

Violence against Christians Ratchets Up in Southern India

Imam: We’ll kill our women if they dishonor us. This is #Islam!

Iran Executes Child Bride Days After Delivering Stillborn Child

Toronto: Migrants Housed in Hotel ‘Slaughtered Goats’ in Public Bathrooms

Hindu Parliamentarian Calls for Drive to ‘Get Rid of Christian Missionaries’ in India

Christian Woman Sentenced To Death For Insulting Prophet Muhammad Pleads For Her Life

Greece: Large Christian Cross Pulled Down Because it Could Be “Offensive” to Muslim Migrants

Malaysia Prime Minister: “Islam does not agree to killing…to cut people’s hands or heads is not Islamic”

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Changes Name to Remove ‘Mormon’  Removing the dress or lipstick on a pig does not change the fact it is STILL a pig!

Pedophile – Sodom and Gomorrah – Sex Trafficking News – Sexual Perversion

NYC creates 3rd gender option for birth certificates

Doctor Ran Illegal Transgender Clinic, Treated Children as Young as 12

Police chief busted for masturbating at beach, inside elevator with women and kids

Judge Rules Wisconsin Must Cover ‘Sex Change’-Related Operations of State Employees

HATE HOAX: Troubled Lesbian Sent Herself Death Threats That She Mysteriously Found in Her Own Desk

Christians Will Become ‘Enemies of the People’ Over Opposition to LGBT Movement, English Preacher Warns

Pedophile Who Later Claimed To Be Transgender Sentenced To Life After Attacking Women In Women’s Prison

Witchcraft – Satanism – Demon Possession – Mark of the Beast – Transhumanism: Get up to Speed on the Watchers here.

Witches plan to put a Hex on Justice Brett Kavanaugh

European Nation Microchips National ID Cards For Banking, Voting, Insurance

Witches Outnumber Presbyterians in the US; Wicca, Paganism Growing ‘Astronomically’

Satanists drink girl’s blood and decorate ‘satanic altar’ with man’s skull after Sacrificing four

Democrats increasingly possessed by demonic forces that seek the extermination of humanity

Pedophile Cannibal tells court he boiled a man’s eye before eating it with 12-year-old girlfriend

Illegal Aliens – DACA – MS-13 “Divine” ones – Muslim Refugee News

Illegal Alien From El Salvador Charged With Brutally Raping Woman In New York

False Flags – Big Brother – Police State – Gun Confiscation – Crooked Cops

30 days training required to have gun at home

Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment of Free Speech for ‘Safety And Civility’

Google Lied About “Dragonfly” China Censorship Project According To Leaked Transcript

Eugenics and Racism – Be sure and read Racism needs a willing Vessel

I guess to get a pass for being a racist, you need to be a Democrat!

Bill Gates Thinks There are Too Many Africans, Calls for Population Control

Parents Say A ‘Race Riot’ Broke Out At Their Kids’ High School In California

BLACK CNN Panelists: Kanye West Is A ‘Token Negro,’ ‘What Happens When Negros Don’t Read

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Trump in Iowa: The Democrats Have ‘Gone Wacko’

Antifa Mob Vandalizes New York Republican Headquarters

Minnesota teacher put on leave after ‘kill Kavanaugh’ tweet

VIDEO: Antifa Blocks Roads, Directs Traffic, Threatens If Don’t Obey

Other News of Interest

Mexican couple may have killed as many as 20 women

Germany Condemns Rape, Murder of Bulgarian Investigative Journalist

TV Reporter Who Exposed Corruption in the EU Found Brutally Murdered and Raped

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